The WANAS 345 recuperator is a compact ventilation unit with a vertical nozzle system used for ventilation of single-family houses or small service facilities.

It is characterized by very low energy consumption, quiet operation, high thermal efficiency and easy operation. The control panel was designed by a team of engineers manufactured by WANAS and made with attention to the smallest details, equipped with a number of excellent features to enjoy high comfort of use. It is designed for ventilating rooms with an area of up to 180 m2.
Each recuperator is equipped with a weekly touch controller as standard. In addition to the recuperator, you can purchase the WANAS MOBILE CONTROL W-15 module for remote control of the control panel via the Internet.

 Air handling units produced by our company have:

  • weekly programme
  • SMART HEATER - automatically adjusting power
  • bypass control
  • 3 algorithms securing the exchanger against freezing
  • "fireplace" and "party" mode
  • secondary heater control
  • ground-coupled heat exchanger control
  • full-range (1-100%) efficiency adjustment
  • possiblle control based on humidity and COsensors
  • possible gas boiler control
  • possible connection via alarm central unit or bathroom switch to switch over operation to speed I or III
  • on-line remote control
  • filter replacement alert
  • flush and surface mounting
  • ceiling installation


UEC (unit energy consumption) class - A
UEC for moderate climate kWh/(m2/year)
UEC for cool climate kWh/(m2/year)
UEC for warm climate
Max. flow rate (at 100 Pa) m3/h 380
Acoustic power (gear I/ ac. UE 1254/2014) dBA 37/49
External static pressure (at 345 m3/h)
Pa 150
Energy consumption W 16-170
Pre-heater power W 500
Power supply V/Hz 230/50
Stub pipe diameter mm 160
Max. efficiency % 89,60
Efficiency according UE 1254/2014, dT=13°C, SWM % 82,10
Width mm 1150
Depth mm 665
Weight kg 56,40
Filter class -  ISO COARSE 75%  


A - external fresh air

B - air extraction from rooms

- air supply to rooms

D - spent air discharge to the outside



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