The heart of the mechanical ventilation system is an air handling unit. The device responsible for the exchange of air and the recovery of energy from the air thrown out. The selection of a suitable device has an impact on energy recovery and the comfort of residents. The work of the engineering staff has resulted in the creation of air handling unit in both vertical and horizontal versions. In addition, WANAS recuperators can be made in the right or left version. It is possible to order air handling unit with door pulled at the client's special request.

Depending on the place of installation, you can choose the appropriate air handling unit, it accelerates the assembly and reduces its costs.

Remember each WANAS air handling unit has a touch controller, pre-heater, drip tray from stainless steel, autmatic 100% bypass, flush-mounted box, recuperator handle, drain water siphon - in the set. 

To make installation easier and faster we introduced the WANAS Flexi System. A solution that allows you to conveniently perform a ventilation installation based on expansion boxes, distributors and a flexible pipe with an internal antibacterial and antifungal layer, characterized by high mechanical strength - 450 N / 200 mm.

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