Air handling units manufactured by our company are intended for both single-family and commercial buildings. The WANAS company was the first on the market to introduce a weekly controller for the air handling unit with a colored, touch-screen display as standard equipment. The weekly controller enables the exact setting of the required air flow in specific time intervals.

Air handling units produced by our company have:

  • weekly programme
  • bypass control
  • 3 algorithms securing the exchanger against freezing
  • "fireplace" and "party" mode
  • secondary heater control
  • ground-coupled heat exchanger control
  • full-range (1-100%) efficiency adjustment
  • possiblle control based on humidity and COsensors
  • possible gas boiler control
  • possible connection via alarm central unit or bathroom switch to switch over operation to speed I or III
  • on-line remote control
  • filter replacement alert
  • flush and surface mounting
Decisions on the use of recuperation system are best taken before the construction starts, it will reduce the costs associated with the construction of chimneys and allow the distribution of ventilation ducts.



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