Rising energy costs have caused the need of applying new and energy-efficient solutions in the construction sector, which in turn make the buildings more airtight. In such buildings passive ventilation system, also known as gravitational ventilation (passive stack ventilation) does not work, since it does not ensure the appropriate amount of air flow. Therefore the air flow, provided by the traditional ventilation should be extracted and then circulated equally elsewhere. It used to be provided, for example, by leaky and poorly fitted windows and doors. Currently, windows and doors have high insulating properties. The best solution to ensure the comfort of living is the use of mechanical ventilation, which is recuperator.

Recovery system in the building ensures:

  • continuous and controlled supply of fresh air flow
  • preliminary cleaning of air from dust and allergens 
  • de-humidity of the building - the risk of dampness and mould is eliminated
  • heat recovery - approx. 20 % savings on heating
  • elimination of street noise and drafts
  • much higher comfort of living than with traditional solutions

By improving the quality of our products and meeting the expectations of our customers, we have introduced G4 carbon filter cassettes to our offer. G4 carbon filters in WANAS air handling units can be interchangeable with standard M5 filters. The task of filters with carbon fiber is to reduce odors, hydrocarbons and organic compounds from polluted air from outside the building. Carbon filters are mainly used in the heating period. They are recommended for users of air handling units, in the vicinity of which there are houses / buildings fired with solid fuel boilers. The use of carbon filters is an ideal solution to prevent odors and contaminants from entering rooms.

With the use of a suitable class filter, PM 2.5 PM 10 dust can be removed, which significantly increases the air quality.

All air handling units produced have a Hygienic Certificate issued by the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene.

Remember that continuous air exchange ensures better sleep and faster regeneration of the body, which significantly increases the comfort of our lives.



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