Mechanical ventilation is the best solution for newly created one-family houses or service buildings, where continuous exchange of air is a key element. Remember that the basic and most important advantages of using mechanical ventilation is the excellent comfort of living, which we achieve thanks to controlled air exchange and energy savings.

The WANAS air handling units are equipped with energy-saving EC fans of the latest generation. The air handling unit have an aluminum counter-current heat exchanger with larger dimensions than those used in air handling units. This allows for greater efficiency during the entire period of operation of the ventilation unit. Applied technical and construction solutions in WANAS air handling units allowed to reduce electricity consumption to a minimum. To ensure the exchange of air at the level of 103 m³/h, the air handling unit uses only 17 W. With this energy consumption, the monthly cost of operation is about 10 PLN/2,5 EUR.

The WANAS air handling unit controller has a weekly program, where the user can program the control panel's work the most comfortable for himself, eg. setting the control panel to lower efficiency when no one is at home. The possibility of programming weekly work also contributes to the lower consumption of electricity. An additional advantage is the ability to enable the "HOLIDAY" mode. Where you can program the holiday period, through which the control panel works all the time on the minimum efficiency.

The WANAS air handling unit also has an innovative bypass damper control system to protect against unwanted sub-cooling of the building.

In addition to the energy-saving solutions used in our air handling units, very low operating costs associated with the availability of inexpensive filters should be distinguished.

The WANAS air handling units were approved by National Institute of Public Heath – National Institute of Hygiene (NIPH-NIH), which is the oldest public heath institution in Poland and by The Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute in Radom which for nearly 30 years already has been specializing in building up innovation performance in the areas of machine construction and maintenance, and technical and environmental safety.



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