WANAS BLACK 200V XF air handling unit is a compact ventilation unit with a horizontal arrangement of nozzles, used for ventilation of single-family houses or service facilities.

BLACK series recuperators are the only units whose body is entirely made of durable foamed polypropylene. The change of design and the use of modern technology made it possible to obtain a recuperator with exceptional properties.

Ventilation unit was designed by a team of WANAS engineers and made with attention to the smallest details, equipped with a number of excellent functions so that it can enjoy high comfort of use.
It is designed to ventilate rooms with an area of ​​115 m2.

Each recuperator comes standard with a DISPLAY V3 wall-mounted touchscreen controller with basic functions . Each recuperator has a built-in Internet module, so that its control is carried out remotely using a dedicated application. The application allows you to manage and set installation parameters.


  • Very low energy consumption - maximum power consumption of two fans is only 76 W
  • Extremely quiet operation of the recuperator - only 42 dBA measured at a distance of 1 m from the unit 
  • Robust, lightweight and non-flammable construction - body made of foamed polypropylene
  • Universal design - right/left version
  • MODBUS RTU communication protocol allowing the recuperator to be connected to a smart home system
  • 3 algorithms protecting exchanger from freezing
  • Built-in humidity sensor
  • Built-in internet module
  • Automatic pre-heater SMART HEATER - included in the price of the unit
  • Automatic 100% Bypass - included in the price of the unit
  • Expandable with an additional expansion module
  • Possibility to use enthalpy exchanger
UEC (unit energy consumption) class - A
UEC for moderate climate kWh/(m2/year)
UEC for cool climate kWh/(m2/year)
UEC for warm climate
Max. flow rate (at 100 Pa) m3/h 200
Acoustic power (gear I/ ac. UE 1254/2014) dBA 39/46
External static pressure (at 200 m3/h)
Pa 100
Energy consumption W 16-84
Pre-heater power W 500
Power supply V/Hz 230/50
Stub pipe diameter mm 125
Max. efficiency % 93,5
Efficiency according UE 1254/2014, dT=13°C, SWM % 84,5
Width mm 581
Depth mm 430
Weight kg 29,5
Filter class -
% + ePM 10 50%


A - external fresh air 

B - air extraction from rooms

C - air supply to rooms 

D - spent air discharge to the outside 


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