The humidifier is designed to work with all air handling units. The device is used to maintain the required humidity in the building. The action is based on the natural process of water evaporation, this process is the most beneficial for our health, and is also very energy-efficient. This solution ensures the maintenance of humidity in the building during the winter, when the humidity is low. Properly installed device does not require any maintenance apart from periodic replacement of the steam mat. 

Thanks to the new configuration, the device can be connected to any existing installation and any recuperator. The humidifier is installed on the supply air duct of the ventilation system and is an independent device. It is controlled by a controller mounted at the top, which is standard equipment of every WANAS UNI humidifier. Due to the combination with the wireless miniControl sensor, humidity control is easy and fully automatic.


  • Well-being - Adequate humidity reduces susceptibility to infection, promotes allergy sufferers and has a positive effect on the immune system.
  • Comfort - limiting dust and allergens, reduces the phenomenon of electrostatics
  • Compact design - two devices in one, Humidifier and heater
  • Hygienic system - impurities from water and air do not get into the rooms, they are automatically discharged into the sewage system
  • Energy efficiency - operation is based on the natural process of water evaporation, which allows low energy consumption
  • Easy control - control the device with a driver, which is standard on every WANAS air handling units
  • Quiet work - the device does not emit sound into the environment.
Max. flow rate
m3/h   600  
Energy consumption
W 2-18
Power supply
V/Hz 230/50
Stub pipe diameter mm 200
mm 607/455/452

kg 25
Heater power
W 1 000
Nominal capacity
l/h 2,8
Maximum water consumption
l/h 10,1
Air resistance at 200 m3/h
Pa 7
Water connector diameter
cal 3/4
Water pressure
 MPa 0,15-0,6
Water temperature
Min/max     5-20    
Environment temperature
Min/max 5-45
Water hardness
Max mg CaCo3 200

A – air supply to rooms/air supply to humidifier

B – air supply to rooms/air supply to humidifier


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