The WANAS 444 water cooler is a large capacity device designed for cooling (or reheating) of the supply air to the rooms. It is mounted on the supply duct after the recuperator and controlled by means of any WANAS recuperator. It is an ideal connection to a heat pump, where we use the cooler's bottom cooling circuit. In this way, we have the cheapest way of subduing the rooms, and at the same time regenerating the lower source.

  • Comfort - the possibility of reducing the temperature in the building during the summer.
  • Energy saving - the cheapest form of cooling rooms using the heat pump's lower source. The energy is used exclusively for the circulation pump drive.
  • Consistent design - the external appearance refers to WANAS recuperators.
  • Easy control - the device is controlled by means of a controller which is standard in the equipment of each WANAS air handling unit.
  • Convenient assembly - the module has four connectors, two horizontal and two vertical, which can be used depending on the method of assembly.


Recommended flow up to   m3/h 1300
Efficiency up to kW 
Power supply W -
Stub pipe diameter mm 315
Height mm 625
Width mm 484
Depth mm 659
Weight kg 45,5
Filter class - ISO COARSE 75%
Stub pipe layout



A (B) - air from the air handling units

B (A) - air supply to the rooms


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